I love how SJWs choose to bitch at white people for their ancestors doing terrible things hundreds of years ago when they completely glorify japan ignoring the fact that WWII happened almost only 70 years ago and the government only apologizes for holding sex slaves and that was only to establish a stronger alliance with south korea.

I’m not saying that they should go and generalize a whole country, but the double standards are killing me man. It’s only because japanese people are “poc” and have kawaii animuuu wow so sugoi

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Remember everyone, body shaming is wrong.  Unless you’re body shaming someone for being white, cis, hetero, or male.  You can use slurs against or trigger them all you want, because… privilege?

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You can’t teach the bad out of bad people…

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We don’t need feminism because every gender is unequal in some way, so instead of telling me how I’M such a victim and giving me advanced rights, go help the man who can’t see his children because of his gender.
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Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!


Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!

An excerpt from this article: http://www.libertyjuice.com/2014/04/24/bearded-feminazis-vs-bras-backbones-and-brains/

Progressives, especially those among the feminists camp, have spent decades clawing at their (bare…hairy) chests while screaming that men don’t have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies. Conservative men, as a result, have become gun-shy and fearful about saying the…

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Because all men are rapists, abusive machines and that women are the best sex in the world. If it weren’t for men fighting in wars you wouldn’t be free! Feminist logic.


Because all men are rapists, abusive machines and that women are the best sex in the world. If it weren’t for men fighting in wars you wouldn’t be free! Feminist logic.

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Columbia U: rape accuser Emma Sulkowicz performs mattress piece theater to demand bureaucratic lynching

Posted by: Jonathan Taylor (TCM)

I’m sure some of us have heard the phrase “Masterpiece Theater.” But have you ever heard of Mattress Piece Theater? That’s pretty much what’s going on at Columbia University right now. From the somewhat untrustworthy Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News (for reasons we’ll see in a minute):

A Columbia University student is turning her senior thesis into a protest against the school’s sexual assault policies and her alleged rapist. Emma Sulkowicz, a visual art major, says she is carrying a twin-size dorm-room mattress until her alleged attacker, a fellow Columbia student, is expelled. Sulkowicz is calling the endeavor, which she says is a sort of performance art piece, ‘Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight.’

You see, the mattress is Emma’s cross upon which she has been crucified. Like Jesus, she must carry her cross throughout a harsh and misunderstanding world. And in Emma’s world, there will be absolutely no justice until the man she accuses is railroaded off campus without a shred of evidence to support her accusations.

The piece could potentially take a day or go on till I graduate,’ Sulkowicz, a senior, told the Columbia Spectator. The 21-year-old says she was raped in her dorm room on the first day of her sophomore year but did not report the alleged attack until she met two other women who said they were also assaulted by the same man. All three reported their cases to the university, and all three say their allegations were dismissed

This paragraph is a series of lies (or journalistic incompetence) on the part of Dylan Stableford. Emma’s allegations were not “dismissed” out of hand. They were investigated by the university. Not that it’s the proper role of the school to investigate violent felonies, but they did their “due diligence.”

The other two students did complain to the school. One of the complaints was actually not about sexual assault, but nebulous accusations of “abuse” (which can mean anything nowadays). The school investigated their accusations as well. The accused student was found not responsible every time, despite the university being required to use an extremely low standard of evidence.

But did Emma go to the police? The student-run, independent news site BWOG interviewed Emma about it. She told BWOG:

…after being mishandled by them as well, I just didn’t feel safe or comfortable talking to them anymore, and they passed the case on to the district attorney’s office, who contacted me and said it would take up to nine months or a year for it to go to court.
By then I would have graduated, and if I sit around waiting for that, I’ll be missing out on other opportunities like creating this piece, or doing other work, it’ll just be a waste of my time.’ In short, she has been unable to work with the NYPD.

“Unable” to work with them? District attorneys’ offices are normally backed up. If it were a murder case it would be the same way. But since the criminal justice system didn’t drop everything it was doing to work on her case, she was “unable to work with them”?

Also, prosecuting your rapist is a “waste of time”? The “rapist” that is so dangerous that he (supposedly) abused three people whose accusations were found baseless by a kangaroo court?

I call bullshit. This kind of self-narrated, dramatized passion play, combined with the fact that she apparently doesn’t give a damn about prosecuting her “rapist,” screams the phrase “drama queen.”

And yes, let’s go ahead and say it: chances are that Emma Sulkowicz is a false rape accuser. If a kangaroo court doesn’t find the person you accused responsible, chances are your accusation wasn’t worth much of anything to begin with. And if Feminists don’t like that kind of reasoning, they can blame the people who set up those kangaroo courts to begin with: themselves.

Also, does anyone remember this?


Earlier this year Emma and several other women decided to publicly brand unconvicted young men of rape by writing their names on bathroom stalls across campus. I covered it here. Apparently this is also more important than pursuing a case through the criminal justice system.

There is an interesting comment at BWOG that I think is worthy of being highlighted:

I think people seriously need to rethink the myth that nobody is listening to rape victims. This has gone viral across the globe, and she didn’t even need a grain of proof. She gets tremendous support, has become a hero and there is no trace of even slightly critical reporting in the media.

So much for the narrative. It’s “performance art,” folks. In other words, it’s all for show.


 ->  http://dlvr.it/6vj6Vm

This will probably bring out that nut case with something about bees in her name, but fuck it.

SOURCE: http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/2014/01/laci-green-another-selective-thought.html


When paired with men, women are always seen as inferior, especially on television.” - Topic of feminist rant this afternoon

Let’s look into popular tv couples (in any kind of relationship). Who is seen as the idiot or inferior in the couple and who is seen as the smart one?

(bolded = butt of jokes/idiot/”inferior” in the relationship)

Debra and Raymond - Everybody Loves Raymond

Hal and Lois- Malcolm in the middle

Peter and Lois - Family guy

Marge and Homer - The Simpsons

Bart and Lisa - Simpsons

Cosmo and Wanda - The fairly Odd Parents

Phil and Claire - Modern Family

Doug and Carrie - King of Queens

Stan and Wendy - South Park

Jessie and James - Pokemon

Beth and Jerry - Rick and Morty

Billy and Mandy - The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

Muriel and Eustace Courage the cowardly dog

Ms. Bellum and the Mayor - The Powerpuff Girls

Fry and Leela- Futurama

Nigel and Marianne - the Wild Thornberries

Dudley and Kitty - Tuff Puppy

Kim and Ron - Kim Possible

Oscar and Trudy - The Proud Family

Lana and Archer- Archer

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers - Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

(I included many kid shows since a big part of her conversion was “and they are pushing this concept on our kids.” and how “children will think this is how we should be treated.”)

I barely watch television and this list was easy to make. Many of these are popular shows. A running theme with these shows is that they are comedies that get most of their laughs by making fun of the male character. The female character is often seen as the smarter and more capable one. In most of these, the woman is beautiful and capable while the guy is either short, stupid, and/or overweight. And they have no problem “body shaming” these men, but you will notice that they won’t do the same to the women.

This isn’t to say that women aren’t perceived as idiots or unattractive or incapable in television shows, but to turn a gender neutral issue, as in an issue that both genders experience/have to deal with, and make it all about your gender is not equality. It is not a “women’s issue” just because you can point out at least one woman affected. If the same argument can be made about the people that you are trying to exclude, then you should either be working to remove this problem from both genders, or be content that both genders have to deal with the same problem. 

Please stop making everything about you. It’s not equality. It’s selfish.

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This site is full of gullible morons and hypocrital useless internet feminists.

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*Kids of both genders make fun of overweight kids of both genders*

Feminists:Those poor girls! Men need to learn-

*A murderer’s victims consist of at least one woman*

Feminists: Those poor women! Men need to learn-

* A woman poisons her husband for calling her crazy*

Feminists:That poor woman! Men need to learn-

*Literally any gender neutral first world inconvenience/problem*

Feminists:Men need to learn-

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all these tumblr feminists are making me want to delete tumblr just so i dont have to see it 

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