Oppression. What a word. One people should carefully use lest it lose it’s meaning.

Oh wait


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"cultural appropriation" is SJW for "separate but equal"

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I’ve had messages from feminists who have claimed that they know that men experience rape, and that feminists, by and large, do not deny this fact.


What these feminists probably don’t realise is that the sentence: “men experience rape”, is not an adequate recognition of the existence of rape victims who are male if you add a condition to it. When a feminist says, “men get raped, but the experience is less damaging to men than to women”, or “men experience rape, but not as often as women”, or “men can be raped, but that’s a separate issue from the rape of women”, or “men get raped, but other men are almost always the perpetrators”, or “men get raped by women, but women usually use verbal coercieon rather than force, which is not as harmful”, or “men can be forced to have vaginal sex by women, but that should only count as sexual assault, because being forced to penetrate someone is not as harmful as being forcibly penetrated”, they are not truly recognising men’s experiences of rape. They may not be denying that the experiences happen, but they are denying the size, scope, severity, and legitimacy of the experiences.

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I don’t need feminism because I don’t find a lengthy discussion on the moral implications of wearing high heels or makeup to be important in any way what so ever.
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I don’t understand male feminists. Like bro, do you not know what feminism is. Or what they’ve done to males.

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here’s a bold statement; most women, in most first world countries will never be raped, nor harmed, nor killed by a man.

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I send love to all men who think feminists hate them for being men. I love men.I send love to anti feminists who hate me for being a feminist.I want you all to have the rights we all deserve as human beings.I am a real feminist, a humanitarian. I care about women in third world countries so I call myself a feminist but I love that you can express your opinions, even if that means insulting me. I send you love.


Do people realize that celebrities do actually use social media?

Do people consider the fact that maybe so many famous successful women are distancing themselves from “feminism” is because of the shit-stained, hateful, bigoted load of trash that it has become due to websites SUCH AS tumblr and twitter?

Do people understand that they are aware of what modern third-wave “feminists” say and do on a daily basis, and maybe because these successful women actually exist in the real world, hand-in-hand with the men in their lives, they don’t want to associate with the pure unadulterated marginalization, generalization and profiling of 3.6 billion people?

Do people also recognize the fact that these women are human beings, capable of individual thought, experiences, and opinions, and that screaming at them and ‘boycotting’ them because they don’t subscribe to your ideology (BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO ‘COS THEY ARE WOMEN) is extremely fucking misogynistic?

Do people actually think?

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Alleged rape perpetrators anonymous to the media?


This is why I think it’s an excellent idea.

Imagine you have three kids under your belt. You love and protect them with all your strength. You would never hurt them.

Now imagine you are arrested for abusing your children. Your name is plastered all over newspapers and TV. Your children are taken away. But then you’re found innocent at trial because you did nothing wrong.

You get your children back, but the Child Protective Services are constantly breathing down your neck. Other parents harass you when you try to take your children to the park. You fear when one of your kids hurts themselves, because you know the police will happily arrest you for no reason. You can’t live comfortably anymore because everyone is just waiting for you to fail.

That’s how it is for people falsely accused of rape. They won’t be able o get a decent job, no lovers, no children, no life. Because their name will be everywhere. All people will be able to see them as is a rapist. So fuck you.

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The Princess and the Plow Horse

"It is his pride that makes the magic work."

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No caption needed.


No caption needed.

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Some feminists need to realize that it’s not just men that don’t know how to treat a woman right. Some men don’t treat other men right, and likewise, some women don’t treat men or other women right. So stop teaching little boys to be nice to little girls, and instead teach all kids to be nice to each other.

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Dear #yesallwomen supporters: Speak for yourself.

Yes, harassment is awful. Yes, rape is unacceptable. And with this post, I’m not at all trying to blame anyone or put anyone down for having dealt with either of those.

But you forget that women can be abusive and out of line, as well. And as an independent female, I refuse to be represented by a group of people who are blatantly hating men because they’re too childish to stand up to them.

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