I don’t need feminism because because I respect people by their action toward and I believe even people make mistake as long they live, I know someday there’s karma fix their mistake
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Anonymous said: You have been shamed yourself yet you think it's okay to shame other people? logic.


Yes I was shamed but I also fought my bullies instead of hiding behind my Teachers for protection like a little bitch, and I didn’t place my problems on other people and expected sympathy in return. You people need to toughen up, besides I never said it was okay to randomly criticize people for no reason but you’re not immune to it.

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I don’t need feminism because no woman deserves to be degraded for not identifying herself as a feminist.
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This one is wrong.

You SHOULD be able to leave a pile of unguarded cash in your yard and not worry about having it stolen. If you do that and someone steals that money, they are a thief, no matter how easy it was for them to steal from you.

You’re an idiot. It’s not about whether or not a crime was committed, but were you being safe & responsible?

You SHOULD be able to walk around naked without fear of being raped. If you do that and somebody rapes you, they are a rapist, no matter how easy it was.

See last response.

You SHOULD be able to verbally taunt anyone, in any way, without fear of being attacked. If you do this, and someone attacks you, they have committed assault no matter how easy it was for them to attack you.

Try this with a Bengal Tiger in the zoo. See how much sympathy the courts give you.

Yes, obviously, there are things we can all do to lower our risk of being violated

Damn! You mean you actually agree with adult, resposnible behaviour?

like locking up valuables, traveling with groups, and not verbally harassing others. But we do those things because criminals are BAD PEOPLE who do things that healthy people would not.

So yes, if you leave a pile of unguarded cash laying around, anyone stealing from it is in the wrong, period, no excuses.

So that’s what this meme is saying. So why are you being a big crybaby if you agree?’

It may not indicate a “thief culture,” but people who make any kind of apologetic for the thief’s behavior? They kinda do.

You’re an idiot if you think that’s the point, here.

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Look everybody: Debigotizer got bored & went back to her old career!  ;-)

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That’s right, its my fault for being a woman.

OP might as well say what they really want to say, “If you hadn’t dressed like that, you wouldn’t have been raped!”

This is why slut walks exist. Because people who say this shit seem to assume every girl who was raped was “asking for it” and women should be policed and told how to dress. The point is that no, Mr. Limbaugh, wearing a short skirt does not make a woman a slut, absolutely no state of dress = “asking for it” or “deserving it” or “wanting it”, women do not dress the way they do solely to please men, and people can be raped no matter what the fuck they were wearing that fucking night, you fucking fuck fuck!

Calm your PMS down ;-) What makes you think it’s all about dress, anyway? There are other safety precautions such as not getting too drunk, not walking home alone, etc. #DERP!

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Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. Some of them are assholes and some of them are not and you shouldnt be a bigoted asshole yourself and judge the M&Ms just based on their gender, sexuality, ethnic background, skin color or race.
If you are going to assume that all men are rapist, then don’t wonder why someone assumes negative things about you either.

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Thoughts on female hypoagency


Females, in general, seem to lack confidence in their ability to affect the world around them. A female contestant on a British game show recently remarked, “It will happen even if I don’t want it to”, in reference to a burgeoning romance with a fellow housemate.  It’s as if they perceive themselves as semi-passive observers in their own lives. This explains the constant “strong and independent” proclamations feminist love to make, it is to convince themselves as much as anyone else.

Feminist are always talking about empowering women. Empower means to have power granted to you by another. They are indirectly saying that women can’t seize power themselves. Anyone that can grant you power can also take it away, power through empowerment is only illusory, but feminist seem happy with power any way they can get it.

Anita Sarkieesian is another good example. She could have used the money raised on Kick Starter to fund the development of a game that reflected her feminist beliefs, instead she made a few videos complaining that video games are essentially sexist and paint women as damsels in distress. She couldn’t see the irony!

To make a game would be to embrace agency, this is not the female way, the female way is to complain until some man can come and fix the problem for them, even when they can fix it themselves. It’s lazy and exploitative.

Feminists, you say you are strong and independent but you need a $50 million Google initiative to give you the confidence to go into STEM. Hilarious! You’re a joke.

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Anonymous said: Why do you hate feminism


I hate what it’s become. As a woman myself, modern day feminism puts forth that I am weak and I’m a victim. Guess what? I’m not. However, I do believe in the equality for everyone. I just feel that the platform of feminism has run it’s course in first world countries. It is still very much needed in third world countries where women really are truly oppressed.

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I don’t need feminism because not once have I been attacked or made to feel weak by a single man. The only people I have felt personally victimized by are feminists.
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Most of the Feminists would probably agree with me that womanhood is under shameful tyranny in the shops and mills. But I want to destroy the tyranny. They want to destroy womanhood.
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I don’t need feminism because I don’t need anyone to dictate me how I should act only because I am a girl. No man, AND NO WOMAN EITHER.
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