Reason why I will never, ever respect a single feminist is because they whine and bitch and complain when accused of not being about equal rights but will always, always find excuses to make sure society will never ever consider male problems on an equal footing as female ones. 

I have seen this on tumblr too where a feminist will squeal over and over again that, for her, feminism is about “equal rights” but upon going through her blog all you will see is how women have bigger and worse problems - and also every single problem faced by males is because of other males and not because of women, 

To feminists, a male problem is essentially the result of other males, but female problems are also the result of other males. For them a female can never harm a male and even when she does harm a male it is because magically the patriarchy made her do it. A woman is never responsible for her actions because they are a result of “the patriarchy”. 

Never responsible. Never equal. Always the victims. Feminism is not about equality. It is about female privilege. It is about excusing females of their accountability and shifting blame to men no matter what the female has done. 

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How about #yesallhumans because everyone, despite their gender, goes through shit that shouldn’t happen to them.

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blackjackgabbiani said: You do realize, of course, that misandrists by definition aren't feminists, right? Please don't confuse the two.

The stupid, it hurts so much….


Being from a mainly French speaking place, i am able to see the time delay for sjw shit to cross the language barrier, usually i know about a week in advance what is going to trend and i do have a couple of sjw-tards and feminist i havent unfriended mainly for that purpose, usually by that time, i have a good grasp of what they are going to talk about, the kind of articles they’ll post and such and how to counter them, but sometimes things slips through that only french speakers can come up with and it is hilarious, it all comes from a simple concept in french: words have a gender, all of them.

so today i found this gem:

Ma comparaison est boiteuse ? Si c’est le cas, elle risque bien de boiter encore un bon bout de temps avant qu’on ne s’en occupe. Après tout, comparaison, c’est un mot féminin. On peut parier que si c’était un exemple qui boitait, on agirait sans doute plus rapidement.

Translated it goes something like this:

My comparison is limping along(doesn’t stand well)? If that’s the case it will probably be limping along for a while before someone does something about it. Comparison is after all a feminine word. I bet you if it were an exemple(masculine word) limping along, we’d be quicker to do something about it.

I laughed out loud when i read that, i have never read a more pathethic paragraph in article that is actually published on a newpapers website…
the idiotic grasp of sjw and feminism transcend language…

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Thoughts on Radfems…


Feminism is starting to scare me, and it really shouldn’t.

These women are taking their inbred hatred of men and invisible ‘male privilege’ to the streets, and it’s beginning to look dangerous out there. 

I don’t think these women understand what they’re doing. They’re talking about how all men are rapists and dangerous and violent and yet it’s almost like they’re looking to ignite this supposed violence so that it comes back to hurt them. They’re going out and attacking men, verbally abusing them on the internet and in real life, in the court systems, on the streets, through rallies and marches…

and men are basically forced to sit there and take it because “they’re men, and if they fight back they’re violent rapists”. 

How horrible is that? 

It might be my inner apocalyptic but I really think that eventually the world — and the men, who just so happen to hold a lot of power alongside the women — are going to step in and shut the feminist movement right the fuck up, because they’re dangerous and ought to be shut up, no question there. 

But then where does that leave the rest of us women? Suddenly we’ll all be stuck with the stigma that women are dangerous radicals and that they’re meant to be feared and locked up, similar to the way that radfems are treating men now. 

On the other hand we could also be looking at a female revolutionary gender war that could leave the country’s men abused and neglected like the animals that they’re portrayed to be. Already men have a lot of disadvantages against women just because they’re men. And if that’s not fucked up then I don’t know what is.

Either way, I don’t like where this is going. As a woman, I’m genuinely afraid. This is not what we should be doing. This is not the path that we should be taking. Women that support this radical movement are dragging the other women down their path of destruction. I just hope that they’ll come to their senses before something terrible happens to them… or to the rest of us. 


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We need to stop the idea that women are sexualized and it’s men’s faults. Lesbians, for example, exist. 

As well as male sexualization. We need to stop pretending that young boys aren’t taught from an early age that the only thing that really matters is that they act and look how women want them to. We have to stop pretending that our con’s self esteems aren’t on the brink of crashing based entirely on what one girl thinks of him, because he was taught that way.

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On has to think that women have a greater propensity to playing the victim when they have such extremely irascibly and vehemently defensive arguments for rape victims. And all victims really as you can see when they even try to make a point of treating certain males like victims for not  being allowed to cry or be sensitive (that is: act like transgressed victims). So much for no sexual differences. Feminism is one big festival of tears that should allow male voices which conflict with the main narrative that women are forevermore suffering male dominance. Otherwise, the very goal feminists seek will be precluded by their own womanly desire to remain compassionate at all times.

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Dr. David Lisak, a psychologist and researcher focused on sexual violence whose work is often cited by feminists, finds that rape is actually committed by a small percentage of men who are repeat offenders. The vast majority of men will never commit rape. So how is it a cultural norm?
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If feminism’s such a benevolent movement, why is it the second a woman says she doesn’t need it, she’s bombarded with insults, and wishes of violence against her person?

"Probably because it’s upsetting to see someone disregard all the hard work feminism’s done for her…"

That’s no excuse for being cruel, bullying pieces of shit and the fact still stands if your first reaction is to bully and harass someone for not believing in your social movement, then maybe you’re not as benevolent as you think.

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i refuse to deflect the blame off rapists by believing in rape culture

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My brother just had a baby boy about 2 months ago. I should probably start teaching him how to rape now while he’s young since that’s how it works, right?

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"not all feminists are like that"

"those aren’t real feminists"image

"you don’t know what feminism is"

"you’re obviously a neckbeard dudebro since you’re against feminism"

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